Pretzels on a cold day

I took a notion this afternoon for something warm and yummy. The weather is miserable and the temperature hasn’t risen much above 5°C all day (Brrrr!!) so I wanted to bake something that would warm hubby and me up.

Like most enthusiastic (if somewhat idealistic) crafters I am a Pinterest addict. I make no excuses for this. Pinterest is wonderful. And after a short time exploring I came across a recipe for some amazing looking pretzels. They looked so tasty that I decided I just had to make them. (Please note that I take no credit for the recipe – I have used it almost exactly as instructed Fifteen Spatulas. The full recipe can be found here.)

After a quick recce to the kitchen I found all the necessary ingredients (there really aren’t many) and I measured them out. This is what you need to make the dough:

The recipe suggests mixing the dough in a food mixer and then kneading it by hand. This sounded like far too much work so I got out my trusty breadmaker and set to work using the dough setting.

This worked really well. The breadmaker mixed all the ingredients, kneaded the mixture and then let the dough rise. After an hour and twently minutes of watching TV with my lovely husband the dough was ready! Simple! (I did find that the mixture was very sticky and a little gloopy about halfway through the process so I added extra flour. Probably about 100g or so. I think the cup I used was possible too big so meant I had too much liquid in the mix. Next time I’ll try using my Pampered Chef measuring cup and see what happens. I was just being too lazy to dig it out of the cupboard!)

I turned the dough out and cut it into eight parts. It was a little sticky but once I rolled it into sausage shapes on the floured surface it seemed OK. I ‘knotted’ the pretzels, dipped them in the water and baking-soda mix and laid them out on my lined and greased baking trays then sprinkled more sea salt over them.

The next step was to pop them in the oven. I’ve always had problems with my oven cooking things too quickly so I tend to adjust cooking temperatures and times to what I think they should be. I preheated my fan-oven to 200°C and then popped the pretzels in for 8 minutes. They came out just perfect!

At this point I brushed them with melted butter (yum!) adn set them on a wire rack to cool for 5 minutes. We wanted to eat them hot so we only waited until they had cooled enough to pick up.

All in all, a very successful impulse-project! The pretzels were given the thumbs up by hubby and as I write there is only one lonely pretzel left in the kitchen. That’s just not right…I think I will just nip to the kitchen and sort it out…

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