An apology and a book group…

Normally on a Sunday I am able to post a new entry about something exciting that I have been trying out since my last post but I am going to have to put my hands up and apologise right now because this week it will not be the case. Unfortunately I have been so busy with being a nursery teacher and catching up with friends and family that I have had no time at all to do anything! I am disappointed in myself because I have a project sitting right here ready to do but I just haven’t had a chance to get near it.

My week as a nursery teacher has been brilliant but exhausting. I have been running around like a mad woman trying to get prepared for parent’s meetings next week. I have only known the kids for 2 weeks and there are 90 of them! Luckily I only have to meet with 30 parents (there are two other teachers who are each responsible for 30 pupils too) so I have focused mainly on making sure I know their children as well as possible. Its been a bit like a marathon carrying out assessments and reading profiles but I’m starting to feel confident now. I have a fab nursery nurse to help me too.

Aside from school I also went to my first ever book group! Some friends from my former workplace are also avid readers and we made a decision to start our own book group as a way of keeping in touch after we all part company (I have already left and two of the other girls are leaving too). We each invited one other friend (who didn’t work with us) so that we all met some new people. It was a brilliant success and now we are all off reading our first ever book group novel!

We have opted to read ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel. She was in the news recently receiving the Man Booker Prize for the second time with her novel ‘Bringing Up The Bodies’. It is the sequel to her first book ‘Wolf Hall’ which won the same acolade in 2009. Our interest was piqued by the attention Mantel’s second book was receiving in the press and so we selected the first book of the trilogy to kick off our book group.

I’m not sure how it is going to be – the time-period (the 1500’s) is certainly not my first choice when it comes to fiction and I’m always wary (or am I just lazy?) of books that need a detailed character list and a set of maps at the beginning but I am definitely willing to give it a go. We plan to meet again in mid-December to critique the novel (oh, and have a few glasses of wine!). Will I make it all the way through the (very, very long) book in time?

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