A kitchen project for a finished kitchen (at last!)

Well first of all I have to again apologise for the delay in posting – I should have been here blogging last Sunday but for the second time in a month I had tonsillitis so was tucked up in bed getting absolutely nothing done! Thankfully I am feeling fine again – here’s hoping that that was my last bout this year!

In my blogging absence I have managed to get caught up with one or two things in my house – the main one being my kitchen. We have been having a new kitchen fitted for about 6 weeks but it is finally finished! I can’t really complain – Mr B’s dad has been doing all the work at the weekends and we are eternally grateful! He has done an absolutely amazing job and I have a fabulous new kitchen to work in. I am delighted!

My job has been the decorating – Mr B is a disaster when it comes to practical jobs so it usually falls to me to get things done. I wallpapered and painted – a first for me – and I am really pleased with the results. I had always intended to make a sort of wall planner or calendar that would match the colour scheme and could be used to keep track of what Mr B and I are up to and have to remember. This has proved to be a much more challenging task than I first anticipated!

Perpetual Calendar - cover

I have seen several variations of this type of calendar on Pinterest and have been desperate to make my own. My favourite version was one made from cut up paint swatches (the kind you pick up in DIY stores for free) so that was what I set out to do.

Materials Collage

I bought a picture frame that I found reduced down to £5 in TK Maxx and then treated myself to a new set of fine-tipped markers that would write on the glass. The first major disaster was that when I opened up the back of the frame and took the glass out I managed to snap it. This was very annoying because the whole idea was that the calendar would work with dry-wipe markers – so glass was essential! I had to order a piece of perspex cut to the size of the frame to replace it (I was too scared to try glass again in case I broke it!)

I was then able to get on with the insert.  I picked up some paint swatches from B&Q in the colours that matched my new kitchen wallpaper and then set about cutting them up into individual pieces. I then arranged these in a grid that would form the background and that would also provide the boxes fro each day and for notes etc. on the finished calendar. Unfortunately this is what I ended up with…

Perpetual Calendar - Smudges

I wasn’t 100% happy with the colours once I saw all the swatches stuck down anyway, but then when I realised I had managed to smudge the marker pen all over the place I decided that I needed to come up with a change of plan. Inspiration struck me and I used some leftover wallpaper to pop inside the frame (And I definitely wish I had thought of that first because it would have saved me a whole lot of time!!)

Perpetual Calendar - cover up

The back of the frame had been stapled in place but since I don’t have anything other than an ordinary paper stapler I had to come up with a solution to attach the back of the frame after I had inserted the wallpaper. The best thing I could find in the house was some decorating sealant. I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but it turns out it that it does a great job!

Fixing Collage

After the frame had been resealed I had to mark my calendar onto the glass. I used my fine-tipped marker but then decided that it wasn’t obvious enough from a distance so I went over all the lines with a thick Sharpie. I used a grid for the calendar section at the top and then drew some clouds, freehand, at the bottom for the areas where I want to be able to write lists and make notes.

Perpetual Calendar - Finished 2

The finished product looks really nice on my plain wall, next to the wall with the co-ordinating wallpaper. I will be using it in the kitchen in place of Mr B’s Dr Who calendar and my blackboard which have both been (deliberately) thrown out during the renovations.

Perpetual Calendar - Finished

The calendar is up and running and is brilliant! I am delighted with my latest make. Its very practical and I was able to make it to suit our own individual needs – no more shopping for calendars that don’t have space for everything that I want!


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