Another test project

The week has been fairly uneventful and Mr B and I haven’t been doing much other than trying to be a little more healthy now that the new year has started. I know its clichéd, but I always think that its very motivating to start something at the beginning of the new year – you have a whole 12 months ahead of you to try and make some sort of change. Perhaps its my OCD – I like everything to be neat, measurable and ordered – or perhaps its just the fact that lots of other people are all doing the same kind of thing that helps to motivate, but either way I am enthusiastic and ready to go!

Its not often that Mr B is interested in losing weight or getting fit but he has decided that now is the time and he wants to join the gym! I have to say I nearly fainted when he made this announcement, however the idea has stayed with him for over a week (this is a good way to measure how serious Mr B is about something – check if he is still talking about it, or even remebers it, a week later!) and so on Thursday we will be having our induction at the local gym. In addition to this we have cut out junk food and have tried to cook healthy, low-calorie food. I’m not a fan of fad-diets or weight loss programmes – I’m a firm believer in good old-fashioned healthy meals and in the past I’ve lost well over 30kg this way. Its keeping motivated that’s the tricky part. I’m hoping that this time (and believe me, there have been many times!) having my blog to track my progress and also having 3 weddings to attend I will be able to keep the momentum going and lose 20kg by my birthday (in June). I will keep you posted with my progress!

You may remember that I mentioned that my lovely mum gave me a stand mixer for my Christmas. I’ve been dying to use it but with my injured finger I’ve not really been able to test it out. I decided that before Mr B and I started out on our healthy eating journey I would whip up a batch of cupcakes to test out my mixer. The recipe is simple (225g flour, 225g sugar, 225g butter, 4 eggs and 1 tsp vanilla essence) but I wanted to make this post like a sort of review of my new mixer and hopefully you might share your own experiences and help me overcome any problems I have found.

Stand Mixer Collage

The first thing is I don’t like the colour. Now since it was a gift I can’t really complain, but the appliances in my kitchen are all silver so this black and red mixer does look a little out of place. That said, I guess its really more important how well the mixer works and not what colour it is.

I started with the butter and sugar and wanted to cream them together. The mixer started off really well and saved me a lot of beating and sore arms. However, once the two ingredients were mixed together it all stuck to the bottom and the edges of the bowl and proved very difficult to get off.


Even after I added the eggs, the mixture was reluctant to stay off of the edges. Is this a problem with more expensive mixers or does it just happen with the cheaper ones? Or is there a reason for this that I don’t know about?

Still Stuck

After several rounds of mixing then taking the bowl out and using a spatula to scrape the batter off the edges it did eventually make a good job of mixing the cake, but I was annoyed thatthere was so much manual work involved – i had imagined that the mixture would illiminate the need to do anything other than add the ingredients.


Perhaps the more I use the machine the easier I will find the process and the less it will stick as I get used to how it works, but I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations of what a stand mixure is actually able to do but from this experience I think that an electric hand whisk might have been a wiser investment. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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