A Handmade Card

This week I have attempted another project with my Slice die cutter. I am still getting to grips with exactly how it works and what it can do but I put together a little card to try out some different sizes of shapes.

Butterfly and Flower Card

I don’t actually have a big variety of cardstock – I am trying to slowly build up my cupboard – but I was inspired by the green-leaf acetate sheet that I found in the small freebie pack that came with the machine. I laid it over my white card and loved the way it looked so I used that as my starting point. I then found some green and white spotty card that was very similar in colour so I decided that a row of flowers might be nice to go with the background leaf design. I set my Slice to the largest size setting and cut out the flower shape – it’s one design with three flower heads and some grass. Next I cut two different sizes of butterflys on some brown spotty card and then bent them in the middle to create the 3D effect. Finally I used sticky pads to attach everything. I was more or less happy with the design but then added the diamantes to the flowers because, well, lets face it – who doesn’t like a bit of extra sparkle in their life?? And voila! A handmade card that I think would be suitable for a number of different purposes.

Butterfly and Flower Card Collage

I am loving my Slice machine and I am still thrilled that Mr B managed to get me one for my Christmas (I am such a lucky lady!!). I did find however, that I lack inspiration and need to get a bit more creative if I am to be able to design really attractive and unusual cards of my own. I have started some Pinterest boards for various different kinds of cards (check them out here!) and hopefully will be able to come up with some other designs in the next few weeks.


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