An easy kitchen project

Since my new kitchen was fitted back in November I have been trying to think about how best to personalise it and make it ours. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our kicthen and I am absolutely thrilled with it – but it feels like its straight out of the showroom and I need to think of some ways to bring some character and life into it. This week I made a start.

I love all the different ways that word clouds are used as art to decorate and personalise. On Pinterest I have seen lots of examples of ways that they have been used really effectively. This inspired me to try creating some of my own in a kitcheny-type theme.

Kitchen Word Clouds

These kitchen world clouds were really simple to make. First I wrote a list of all the words I wanted to include. One list was of kitchen verbs and the other was of kitchen adjectives and nouns (I know, I know, that sounds really teachery! I can’t help it!) then I used an online word cloud generator to produce the clouds. There are loads of different generators available to use free of charge and they all pretty much do the same thing so I’m not recommending any particular one here. If I had been less lazy I might have tried creating my own cloud using WordArt on Microsoft Word – maybe next time!

The generator asks you to input some information so it can create your clouds. I pasted in my word list, selected the type and number of fonts I wanted to use and also highlighted the colours I wanted to include. It took a few attempts for the generator to come up with a colour/font/layout combination that I was happy with, but the whole process took under 30 minutes – simple!

The last step was to print the word clouds out and to pop them in some frames. These ones come from Teaco and only cost £2.70 each. That was the only real cost invloved. (OK, so you need some paper to print on and a printer with ink available but I had both of these on hand so didn’t have to fork out.)

Kitchen Word Cloud Collage

I would recommend this project because to anyone who is stuck for an original idea to personalise a room. It has been a great way to add interest to what was a very dull and boring expanse of wall and I have something hanging in my kitchen that no one else has. So go ahead and give it a try!


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