A Handmade Valentine’s Gift

Last year Mr B and I were so busy saving and saving and saving for our wedding day (which was absolutely amazing and worth every single penny!) that we decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because we couldn’t afford it. We didn’t give each other any gifts or cards. We didn’t go out anywhere and we didn’t do anything special. This year we decided to make up for it!

We have had an absolutely lovely week together and have both been spoiled absolutely rotten! On Thursday I was given a beautiful Chamilia bead to add to the bracelet Mr B gave me on our wedding day. It is a silver heart with a pink Swarowski crystal and it is just perfect. He really knows me so well! In return I had put together something quite special (even if I do say so myself!). I thought long and hard and decided that I wanted to really make my husband feel loved so in addition to the bottle of his favourite whisky, the two whisky tumblers and all the assorted sweets and chocolates I chose for him, I made his something which he will be able to keep for a long time to come.

Valentine's Gift

The first part of the gift was the bag. I was inspired by this pin on my Pinterest board. I used some red felt fabric and cut it using scalloped dressmaking scissors to give the edges the really beautiful shape. I measured to check that the small book would fit inside (more about the book later) then I hand stitched the bottom seam and the cross stitches down the front. There was no need to sew a running stitch down the front too because the cross stitches held the fabric fine. I had some little heart shaped buttons left over and just sitting in my button box so I stitched them on to decorate the front of the bag – simple and understated. The last thing was to choose the ribbon – I knew I wanted something quite traditional and this Scandanavian inspired ribbon was just the ticket!

Felt Heat Bag Collage

Now, the second part of this project was to make an A-Z of me and Mr B. I was completely and utterly inspired by this pin here and pretty much copied the idea. I used my Slice Die Cutting Machine to cut out all the different parts and then stuck it all together, complete with all my own little love notes. It worked out really well and let me remind my husband of all the little things that make me love him more and more each day! (I know, its soppy but it’s Valentine’s week so I don’t care!)

I Love You Book Collage

I hope that you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and that you had time to do something cute and soppy for someone special too!


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