Something yummy for Easter

I’ve made it! The Easter holidays are here and I’m absolutely delighted. OK, I have to write my children’s nursery reports, all 31 of them, but hey, I’m still off work for two whole weeks! What a lovely feeling! To celebrate I decided to bake something yummy and since I’m on a diet I decided to bake something yummy as a gift.

Vanilla Cupcakes

This recipe is absolutely amazing and made the most delicious cupcakes and I claim no credit for the recipe which you can find via Pinterest here or at the original source, here.

I decided that it would be nice to make these and give them to my mum and my mother-in-law so I needed something cute to package them in but I didn’t really want to spend a fortune. I found these gorgeous little cupcake boxes in Poundland. They were only £1 for 4 boxes and were just perfect for what I wanted. I also bought the pink spotty cases (the mix was a little bit greasy and the cases are quite thin so you can’t really see the spots) for £1 from Home Bargains. It’s great that you can pick up some cute and funky baking materials for next to nothing.

I followed the recipe to the letter and found that it didn’t really need any tweaking. The cupcakes turned out just about perfect, as did the vanilla frosting (the instructions for the frosting are available at the links above, along with the cake recipe). The only part I wasn’t happy with was the way I couldn’t get the frosting piped neatly. I’ve never been very good at piping and definitely need to practise more. I think I didn’t soften the frosting enough so it was kind of tricky to push it through my icing-syrynge-thing.

Vanilla Cupcakes 2

The mums seemed delighted with their cupckaes, as did Mr B who ‘helped out’ and finsihed off what was left over! I tried a teenie bit of cake and a teenie bit of icing but was very well behaved and didn’t have a whole cake! Go me! Being on a diet is actually really, really, REALLY boring for someone like me who LOVES food, but if I can squeeze into my old dresses for the weddings I’m going to this summer then I will be over the moon and so it will all have been worth it!

Happy holidays to all you other lucky people who have the luxury of being off work just now and Happy Easter to the rest of you!


2 thoughts on “Something yummy for Easter

  1. I’m useless with the piping bag but I’ve bookmarked this recipe and will be trying these out because I love vanilla frosting and these look so good! Who would have thought you could achieved something so pretty and professional looking at such little cost, you are a marvel. Happy Easter, Jill, and thanks for sharing such a lovely Easter treat.

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