The path to gluttony…

Although I do not profess to being solely a food blogger, I have to admit that I do love blogging about my culinary adventures. Food makes me happy and I love to cook and bake. Pinterest (obviously) is very often my muse and I get excited just thinking about the fabulous new recipes just waiting for me to come along and try out. As a result of this, I also have to admit that most of my culinary adventures tend to lead me down the hip-swelling, calorie-laden path to gluttony! Today I make no exceptions and offer no apologies as I wander further down this road…

Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for Mr B. His absolute all-time favourite food is peanut butter and whenever he needs a little bit of cheering up I try to make him something new. When he had a migraine the other day I got straight onto my cupcakes pin-board and found myself this recipe (here is the original source) to try and help him feel a little bit better.

I followed the recipe to the letter, although was worried when the mix became really think and runny. The recipe states that it should be thin but I had my doubts. Despite this, the cupcakes turned out fine, in fact, they tasted lovely! What a relief.

Chocolate Cupcakes 2

Chocolate Cupcakes 3

The icing was easy to make too although it felt quite soft – not sure if more butter would help, followed by a few minutes back in the fridge. I’m no expert when it comes to piping but I don’t think these ones turned out too bad – some of my other cupcake icing attempts have turned out much worse! MR B was delighted with his cakes and I served them up with a lovely cup of tea on the side – bliss!

Chocolate Cupcake and Tea


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