A garden project.

This week’s post is my first real outdoor project. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I’m not particularly good at gardening or garden-related activities and so for that reason I rate this as quite a big success. Even Mr B’s dad, who is pretty handy when it comes to practical outdoorsy-type jobs, seemed impressed.

(Bear with me, this story has a point!) We got new central heating fitted back in November because the house that Mr B and I bought (and LOVE, I might add!) had a very old  electric storage heating system which was not very warm but incredibly expensive to run. We wanted to upgrade the system as soon as possible, but didn’t have the money due to buying the house and getting married. Thankfully our friends and family stepped in and when we got married last July, instead of receiving gifts, we were given donations towards new heating. People’s generosity was overwhelming and we were able to pay to completely install an oil heating system which has been keeping us warm and toasty for 7 months now.

A downside to the lovely new heating system was that the boiler was an outdoor one and had to be installed in the spot where my wheelie bin sat. Now, that might not have been too big a problem, except for the fact that there was nowhere else to keep the wheelie bin due to the layout of the garden. There is only a narrow pathway outside the back door before you climb up steps to the rest of the garden and to the right of the back door is our gate which opens inwards so needs enough space to swing so the bin has just been sitting in the way since November. Then I hit upon a solution – I would dig out a new space for it! Here’s what happened…

Wheelie Bin Collage

As you can see in the first picture, the bin was in the way but there was nowhere to put it. The second picture shows the result of a whole lot of hard work including shovelling piles and piles and piles of soil and heaving very heavy rocks out of the wall that was there originally. I have compiled a little collage to show the process from start to finish. I even learned the basics of slabbing and brick-laying along the way!

Wheelie Bin Collage 2

I’m not sure if I did a wonderful job, but I am pleased with how it all turned out. The area outside my back door is so much neater and we are able to walk along the path without having to dance around the bin. For a first attempt at a fairly major garden project I think I did OK! The next job is to create something with the huge pile of soil that came from the space. I think I might try and build a rockery! But that’s definitely a job for another day!!


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