Another anniversary gift…

Yesterday I shared my handmade anniversary card with you as Mr B and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Today I want to show you the second part of my handmade paper-themed gifts (Your first wedding anniversary is your paper one) – a picture frame containing heart-shaped maps of places that are special to me and my husband.

Heart Maps

There are dozens of examples on Pinterest of different ways to do this. I have pinned a few here. I decided to use a multi-aperture frame in black so that it would fit in with the colours in our bedroom (black and white – but it is an undecorated mess at the moment so you are not getting to see it!).

I selected the maps of the places I wanted to show including our first house, where we got engaged, where we live now and, of course, where we got married. I printed the maps, using Word to help me resize them to the correct size for the aperture in the frame. Next I used some white/cream coloured card as a mask to cover the maps. I carefully cut out the hearts in the right places to allow the right parts of the maps peek through. Finally I used a fine-tipped marker pen to add the names of the places and the reason why they are significant to us.

Heart Maps Collage

Its definitely not as professional looking as a lot of the versions on Pinterest, however for a first attempt I’m pretty pleased. I guess with practice I would improve – I also think that a better quality picture frame would help (this one was quite cheap and had rough, uneven edges and a tricky-to-fit back board) but other than that I think it turned out OK. Mr B certainly seemed to like it so I can only count it as a success!


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