All partied out!

Its been a busy couple of weeks with two very dear friends celebrating their last few weeks as single ladies. One of the ladies in question is an old friend from school and the other is the fiancé of one of Mr B’s closest friends. I was delighted to be invited and have been busy attending hen parties for both girls, one with a ‘neon’ dress code, the other with a ‘red and fabulous’ theme and have been ‘poshing it up’ with afternoon tea, learning how to make cocktails, getting fatter by eating loads and generally having fun drinking even more! Both were great fun and saw the ladies party hard as they each prepare to tie the knot in a couple of weeks.

Thinking back to my own hen-do (a whole year and a half ago! Eeek!) I remembered that one of the nicest and most unexpected things was receiving a gift from a very close friend. It was just a small photo frame for me to use for a hen party picture of all my girls, but I was really touched that my friend had been thinking about me before the event. It was with this in mind that I decided to pass-it-forward and do the same for my bride-to-be friends!

Hen Party Gifts Collage

I found a super-cute sparkly photo frame (in Tesco of all places!) which was just perfect for the occasion, with ‘The Girls’ in pink shiny lettering across the top. I bought one each for my brides and also bought some mini bottles of vodka which I then ‘blinged up’ with some sparkles of my own (more details below). I also made each of the girls a small card and then placed everything together in a gift bag along with some glow sticks and some flashing fairy lights that they could wear on the night (The fairy lights were actually being sold in Poundland as parasol lights and only cost, you guessed it – £1! They were battery operated and just the perfect length to wear as a necklace. What’s a hen party without some tat???). As you can see, I completely forgot to take any pictures of the lights and glow sticks as well as everything all together in the gift bag. My bad!

Hen Party Gifts

The vodka bottles were boring. They were full of yummy flavoured vodka, but that was it, so I got out my little tray of sparkly gems, my silicon glue, an old broken pencil to use as a ‘bejewelling stick’ and got to work glamming them up and making them personal:

Jewelled Mini Vodka Bottles

I can say with confidence that both girls loved their blinged-up and personalised bottles of vodka – the squeals of delight were a bit of a give away! I also made the small cards so I could write a little message to each of them. I used my Slice die-cutter to cut out the words then got my sparkles back out to make the cards a bit more funky. I quite like the way they turned out:

Hen Party Card

So that’s it! Two very similar (OK, identical apart from colour!) gifts for two very special ladies. Now I am counting down to the weddings – 11 days and 18 days to go! Eeeek!!!


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