A special wedding gift

As I have already mentioned in previous posts, two friends, one of Mr B’s and one of mine, are getting married really soon. They’re not marrying each other, these are two separate weddings with two separate sets of couples, which means that we get to put our glad rags on and party twice! The weddings are a week apart, the first being less than a week away…6 days and counting!!

I really wanted to do something special for both couples. The first wedding is for one of Mr B’s closest friends and Mr B will be a groomsman. The second wedding is that of an old school friend of mine who I have kept up with after all these years (I can’t believe its 10 years since we left school! Where does the time go!). They both deserve to have something nice to remind them of their special days. (I will be posting about their actual wedding gifts next week. Today’s post is something inexpensive but personal.)

Chalboard Wedding Print

I absolutely adore the wedding prints that litter Pinterest. (You can have a peek at the ones that inspired me here) I would have loved someone to make one for me, but alas I will have to settle for making for my friends. I looked at the prints pinned to my Pinterest Board and decided what I liked and what I didn’t. Chalkboard-style prints are really popular and I really liked the way they looked so I decided this was the style for me.

All the images and fonts I used were available free for personal use, so that’s why I have not shared my template in this post, however if people are interested I am happy to write another post detailing all the freebies I used so that you can gather them up yourself and make your own prints.

I am, as I may have mentioned before, a perfectionist, so I spent a LONG time changing, tweaking, moving and adapting my design and at times got really annoyed when words or graphics seemed to move on their own, however I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.

Chalkboard Wedding Print Collage

The photos don’t really do the print justice because I was having real problems with the light (and me!) reflecting on the glass (I don’t really have many great photography spots in my house and finding good light is difficult – I mostly use my kitchen table but it is right next to a the back door which is completely glass, so reflects at the same time as making the table bright and well lit! A catch 22!)

After completing the future Mr and Mrs Tough’s print, I went on to make one for the future Mr and Mrs Jessiman. I really hope they like them!

Chalkboard Wedding Prints

(yes, I know you can see me in my entirety on the print in the silver frame – I did tell you I was having issues!)

Next week I will be posting more of the projects I have undertaken in preparation for the two weddings. I hope you come back and have a look!


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