Another wedding!

I promise that this will be my last wedding related post for a while because I’m sure you’re probably starting to get bored of hearing about people tying the knot! This week I was honoured to attend the wedding on one of my oldest friends, someone I met at school and have been friends with ever since. The wedding was held at a beautiful local castle and the ceremony was carried out by the minister who had known the bride and her family since before she was born. It was incredibly personal and there was barely a dry eye in the house by the time the couple had their first kiss. Before I tell you about the handmade gift Mr B and I gave the couple I would just like to say a huge congratulations and to wish them love, health and much happiness together as Mr and Mrs Jessiman!

Mr and Mrs Jessiman

Now to show you the gift we gave them. If you have been following my blog you will know that I prefer giving gifts with a personal touch and this one was no different. Similarly to last week, I put together a gift hamper (you can see the other gift hamper here). The couple had a gift list at John Lewis, so the main part of the gift was vouchers for them to put towards some of the big ticket items they had chosen, but vouchers on their own are boring so I bought a few bits and pieces and put them together like this:

Handmade Hamper

Not pictured, but included in the gift was the personalised wedding print I had made for the couple (you can see it here) and nestled in the centre of the basket was a lucky silver sixpence. A silver sixpence is a very traditional lucky charm to give to a bride on her wedding day, but I wanted to give one to the couple, wishing them luck in their marriage. I had initially tried to buy a little pre-packaged sixpence but the only ones I could find were for the bride and not the couple so in the end I decided to make my own. The other hamper also included one and today I wanted to show you how I made them:

Lucky Silver Sixpence

As always, I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I pinned a few that I liked on my ‘gifts’ board, here, and decided that this was my favourite design. I adapted it slightly but I really liked the classy style of this one. I got together some cream card and some blue card, blue ribbon, blue paper, cream paper, glue dots, some sticky Velcro and the silver sixpences (which I bought on Ebay but realised later I could have pinched from one of my mum’s trinket boxes – she says she has loads!).

Lucky Silver Sixpence Collage

I cut out the strip of cream card and marked the sections off with a pencil. I drew the shape for the fancy edge and used a craft knife to cut it out. I scored and folded the edges over and then went through the same process with the tiny envelope, marking out the net, cutting it out and folding all the edges. I stuck everything together using glue dots and cut out blue card rectangles to put behind the text. I printed all the text on nice cream paper using my printer and stuck the bits on with more glue dots. I used silicon glue to attach the ribbon – perhaps glue dots would have been better as there were one or two little lumps – and then I popped then coin in the envelope. I was delighted with how these turned out – exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere else!

Lucky Silver Sixpence 2

Lucky Silver Sixpence Collage 2

Next week I promise I will blog about something else – no weddings and no gifts! Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about my crafty adventures over the summer though and plan to stick with me as I approach my one year blogaversary!!  Only 17 days to go until I can say I have been blogging for one whole year! I never thought I would make it that far! I am keen to do something here to celebrate, but I’m not sure what. I’ve seen other people do competitions and give-aways and other people do link-ups and features. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? What would you like me to do? I would be delighted to reach 100 followers – I’m nearly there – so if you have friends who you think would be interested in following my blog then please ask them to come and follow me – reaching 100 would make my day!


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