Strawberry Scones

I love scones. I particularly love unusual flavours and when I recently found myself with strawberries in abundance I decided that strawberry scones were a must! I hunted down a recipe using Pinterest and set to work…

Strawberry Scones

You can find the original recipe pinned here. The taste was brilliant but unfortunately the scones were flat and quite dense. They didn’t have the light and airy texture I like in a scone and I think this was due to the sour cream and strawberries – the mixture was way too wet and sticky. Next time I think I would add less strawberries and substitute milk for the sour cream. Despite the flatness the scones went down a treat with Mr B and there wasn’t a single one left!

Strawberry Scones 4

Strawberry Scones 3

Strawberry Scones 2

What is your favourite scone recipe? Let me know and maybe I could try it!



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