A Blog Birthday Competition!

Happy birthday to me! Well, OK, not actually me, but my blog! I have officially been blogging for a whole year and decided that such an occasion definitely called for a celebration so I am running my first ever competition…read on to find out more!

I have been busy this week designing some handmade greetings cards using my Slice die-cutting machine, the contents of my growing number of craft boxes and a little bit of inspiration, as always, from Pinterest. Here’s what I came up with…

Handmade Greetings Cards

I really enjoyed this project because (for once) there was no purpose to it other than to be creative and have fun making something lovely. I got to use some of the card stock I have been slowly (to Mr B’s utter bemusement) stockpiling and I was able to practise using my die-cutting machine a bit more. I am really starting to get the hang of it!

Handmade Cards

I wanted to do something a bit different this week since my blog has reached the grand old age of one and so I have decided that you can win one of my hand made cards by entering my first ever competition!! (See what I did there? First birthday = first competition!)

Handmade Greetings Cards Competition

OK, its competition time! I have decided to give my cards away to the lucky winners of my competition! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment with the name of the card you would like to win (hearts, flowers or bubbles) and tell me who you are going to send it to and why. That’s it! I would love to know if you plan to cheer up a cousin, get in touch with a long lost friend or surprise an old auntie 🙂 My favourites will win the card they have chosen. For every ten entries I will give away another card, so for 1-10 entries I will pick a winner and give away 1 card, for 11-20 entries I will pick two winners and give away 2 cards and for over 21 entries I will give away all 3 cards. I will announce the winners when I post to my blog next weekend so please make sure you enter by Friday 13th September. Are you excited? I sure am!

I know I’m asking a lot, but I would also be delighted to reach 100 followers to celebrate my first birthday so please persuade your friends, family and fellow bloggers to stop by and say hello! (Plus, they can enter my competition and might even win themselves a hand made card!)

Thank you all so much for following my blog, commenting on my posts and sharing my journey from novice blogger to…well, still novice blogger, but one with lovely bloggy followers! Hee hee! I really hope you stick with me as I embark on another year of stuff!

Much love,


10 thoughts on “A Blog Birthday Competition!

  1. Hello Jill, you’ve been busy! Haven’t read all your blogs but looking good. Some familiar photos!! I love your cards…….now which one to have when you pick me as your winner……haha.
    Better be serious……I’d like the bubbles one to send to Louise out in oz, just so she gets some mail from home, to say hi and tell her I love her.
    Keep up the good work, not sure if I’m doing this right to help you reach your anniversary goal.x

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my competition! If you don’t win I’ll make you a card anyway, how’s that for a good deal? If you want to follow my blog, look for the link where you can sign up for notifications by email. See you on Monday! xx

  2. Hi Jill, i do have one question… how do you find the time? hehe!
    I would like to win the hearts card and would send it to my friend Lydia with her thank you card inside it! She, like me, loves a wee card! ❤ xxx

    • I actually don’t know where I get the time Dana! I try to do a few projects when I have some time, like in my holidays, then I can post about them one at a time. I specifically set aside time at the weekend, usually on a Sunday, to edit my photos and write my blog post. I’d like to have time to blog more than once a week, but I just can’t do it. I had an absolute ball this summer between your wedding, Jennifer’s and Lynne’s. I loved making all your gifts!
      Thank you for entering my competition – so far I only have enough comments to give away one card though. It’s going to be a tough choice!! Xx

  3. Absolutely love your blog Jill, spent half the day yesterday reading it! I want a die slicer now haha, and the love heart photo frames for your anniversary is such an amazing idea.

    I like the pink card best, I’d send it to my friend Cat in Australia who’s expecting a wee girl at the end of the month xxx

    • Aww! Thanks Morven. That means a lot!! I was so nervous about telling the world about my blog but it has been so well received. I will be choosing a winner on Friday so will let everyone know who wins! Xx

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