Something to warm you up…cauilflower and cheese soup

It has been a very exciting blog week for me. I finally plucked up the courage to tell my friends and family about Crescent Number Nine. Initially I didn’t want to tell the world because I wasn’t sure if I would be committed enough to keep it up and I was also a little bit frightened that people would just laugh or think I was being silly. But after a year of building up my style and my content I decided I was proud enough of what I had achieved to share it with everyone I know. I was amazed at the response I received and notched up and amazing 431 views from 73 visitors on the day I announced my blog on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has visited so far. If this is your first visit then hope you decide to sign up to follow my blog to see what I get up to in the months to come.

On Friday I announced the winners of my card competition. Fiona, Dana and Morven are the lucky ladies who each win one of my cards – they are all wrapped up and waiting for you!!


I really hope you like them!!

Now, as promised, it’s time for a cosy soup recipe. The weather has been freezing this week so I decided that it is time to start making lovely big pots of soup again. This week I was inspired by something I tried in a local restaurant when Mr B took me out to celebrate our first wedding anniversary back in July.

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

I tried this and fell in love! It was delicious and creamy (OK, so its definitely NOT  a diet soup) and tasted absolutely amazing so I wanted to see if I could recreate it in my kitchen. I found a recipe over on The Curvy Carrot and decided to try it out. (The recipe can be found here) The only change I made was to substitute Dijon mustard for wholegrain mustard (because that was all I had) otherwise I followed the recipe as described. Here’s my step-by-step photo guide:

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup Collage

This soup tasted absolutely amazing – even Mr B who is a total veg-a-phobe was impressed and emptied his bowl! We ate it along with a garlic tear-and-share bread (straight from the supermarket – why bother to make a homemade one when these ones are just as tasty?) and a sprinkling of cheese and parsley on the top.  It hasn’t really helped in my quest to lose weight, but it did taste lovely.

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup 2


10 thoughts on “Something to warm you up…cauilflower and cheese soup

    • I can’t wait to give you your card – it’ll be my first ever card given to someone else to use rather than me just making a card to send to someone for an occasion. Getting closer to being brave enough to have a wee handcraft business – next step will be to plan a Facebook page and start taking small orders!! Eeek!!

      If you try the soup let me know how yours turns out – mine was lovely. xx

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