More wedding bells!

I blogged nearly exclusively this summer about weddings and craft projects related to weddings and I’m delighted to say that I get to do some of it all over again because a good friend of Mr B’s just announced his (very romantic New York, Central Park) engagement! We are delighted for the future Mr and Mrs Braun and I hope they don’t mind me sharing their engagement card with you! I have waited long enough to make sure they received it before I showed the world, but here it is:

Engagement Card

I was really pleased with how this card turned out. It took me a while to figure out the design. I had a few (completely different) ideas but wasn’t happy with how the mock-ups turned out so I disregarded them. As always, I gathered lots of lovely ideas on Pinterest, here, and then I took the different bits I liked and put them together. You will probably notice that I pinched the font idea from here (but it is completely free-hand – no computer wizardry here!)

Engagement Card Collage

I really hope that the lovely couple liked their card and that they get married soon so I can start making them lots of other lovely things!


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