Honeymoon at last…

Mr B and I have finally been on our honeymoon! Last week we went to Prague after spending the year and a half since our wedding saving up all our pennies! We had an absolutely amazing time and could have spent another week at least just relaxing and seeing the sights.

You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything last week because I thought I deserved a little break from the blogosphere whilst I was in Prague, however I am super excited to share our holiday snaps with you and tell you a little bit about our trip. I hope I don’t bore you (normal service will be resumed next week, I promise!)

Prague Collage 1

We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Vinohrady (a central district in Prague) and we did nearly all the things we wanted to. We walked a lot and were taken in by the splendour of the buildings and the history that surrounded you everywhere you went.

On our first afternoon in the city we wandered around and enjoyed finding our feet. Mr B sampled his first international McDonalds, we visited a wax works museum and we found a Tesco Express! We sampled our first Czech cuisine (Pork knuckle for Mr B and dumplings and a Czech meat platter for me) in Wenceslas Square and tasted the local beer (Pivo in Czech).

Prague Collage 2

Day two was a visit to the (immense) castle complex and included St Vitus’ Cathedral, The Old Palace, Golden Lane and St George’s Basilica. We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard and stopped in by the museum of armoury and the toy museum. We also did lots more walking around and enjoyed crossing the Charles Bridge. We couldn’t help but be enthralled by the ancient buildings we were surrounded by. We sampled more Czech food and drank more beer and mulled wine!

Day three was a visit to the zoo and we learned how to use the city’s public transport system. We travelled by metro and by bus to the outskirts of Prague and spent a whole day in the zoo. The next day we decided to visit the Staropramen Brewery and also took a tour of some of Prague’s underground streets. Both of these experiences were interesting and took up most of the day.

Prague Collage 3

Day four started with a trip to the Museum of Special Effects which was interesting. Not what I was expecting – it was mainly about a particular Czech director – but a nice attraction. We wandered through the Jewish Quarter of the city and admired the designer shops and beautiful synagogues then visited a local park. The Autumn colours were just stunning.

Day five was very humbling – we visited Terezin, a former Nazi Jewish Ghetto and concentration camp. An experience I will never forget and from which I learned a lot. One part of the museum took 3 hours to walk through – there was so much to read about the experiences of the Czech and Jewish people during World War 2. At times it brought tears to my eyes – the injustice and inhumanity of it all was so hard to comprehend.

Our last day was spent at Petrin Park where we climbed the hill to the tower with gorgeous views across the city. We tried the mirror maze (which was less of a maze and more of a room full of mirrors) and drank mulled wine and beer at a park café. We wanted to try the funicular railway but unfortunately it was under repair. We wandered through some of the sculptures and art installations and enjoyed strolling along the banks of the river. We found the lovers railings near Charles Bridge and read the inscriptions on the padlocks placed by couples in love – we wished that we had known to take a padlock to leave behind! We spent the afternoon in The Old Town Square and met a couple from Colorado who were on holiday celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary! We had a drink together then went our separate ways.

We had such an amazing honeymoon and we are a teenie bit sad to be back home again. Mr B (who has never been abroad before) has caught the travel bug and we plan to save up for another holiday next October – I can’t wait to decide where to go!!!


6 thoughts on “Honeymoon at last…

  1. Oh how wonderful! So glad you finally got to take it! We took ours on our fifth anniversary – lol! But it wasn’t nearly so grand – we went to Las Vegas but it was a blast. You will treasure those memories and photos forever. Here’s to many more lovely vacations together!

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