Custom hat project!

A little while ago one of Mr B’s friends, Michael,  asked me if I would make something for part of his Halloween costume. I was delighted to help and said yes immediately. I had no idea what it actually was that he wanted since it was a hat for a character from a cartoon I had never seen or heard of. The cartoon is called ‘Adventure Time and the character is called ‘Finn The Human’. I quickly googled it and actually found a tutorial for the very thing I wanted to make! So here is my attempt at a ‘Finn The Human’ hat:

Custom Hat

You can visit the original tutorial here but be warned, it was not as clear as it initially looked and I had to unpick and redo a number of different stages of the tutorial as the pictures and instructions did not explain exactly what to do. In particular, attaching the ‘lid’ part of the hat was not well described and turned out to be quite complicated in order to get the seams all in the right place and the ears attached in the correct way. That said, the project only took me one evening to complete, so it was not too big a deal – just annoying!

I printed the pattern from the tutorial, stuck it together and then cut it out. I then pinned it to some white fleece material and cut the shapes out.  I used my sewing machine for the majority of the stitching, sewing the ears together first then sewing the back and sides pieces of the hat together. As I have said, attaching the ‘lid’ was tricky because I was working with the hat inside out but it had two layers of fabric so I had to figure out where the seams would be when I turned it out the right way – nowhere near as easy as it sounds. Eventually I figured it out by pinning it all together and ‘practising’ turning it out to check that the seams were all OK. (If you try this yourself, my advice would be to do this the first time instead of sewing it together twice the wrong way like I did! The pictures and instructions in the tutorial I used are of no help whatsoever.)

After this I cut the slits in the ‘lid’ to attach the ears. This part was actually fairy straight-forward. The last step was to turn the entire hat inside out and hand-sew the hole. Voila!

Custom Hat Collage

Michael very kindly sent me a photograph of his outfit, complete with the hat so that I could get the full effect of my work. He also attached a picture of ‘Finn The Human’ so that I could compare him to the real thing:

Finn vs Michael

Not bad, even if I do say so myself! Haha! This was a fun project to do because I would have never thought about something like this myself. It was also really lovely to make something to order. I can’t wait for my next custom project!!

Signature #2

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