Festive Friday #2

It’s Friday and I think, unlike last week, I have successfully managed to post my ‘Festive Friday’ feature on the right day!

Right now I am en-route to Edinburgh for the weekend to see our lovely, lovely friends, the soon-to-be-other-Mr-and-Mrs-B (because obviously, Mr B and I are the proper Mr and Mrs B!!), who received this engagement card from us a few weeks ago. We are here to celebrate their engagement and (to my Mr B’s absolute delight) watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special at the cinema!

As we whizz down the M90 for fun and frolics, the magic of technology means that I can share this little slice of Christmas with you:

Festive Friday 2

This is probably my favourite Christmas card design. I love the colours of the card stock and was delighted with how the bow turned out. (I used this tutorial for the bow). The card is small but cute and is so vibrant.

I am off now to enjoy some wine, good company, more wine and Christmas shopping. I hope you have a good weekend too!

Signature #2

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