A Czech Recipe…

Mr B and I absolutely loved our honeymoon in Prague (I may have mentioned it before – here!) and we particularly enjoyed the food. I promised Mr B when we got back that I would try to make the famous ‘Czech Beef In Cream Sauce’. So I did.

Beef In Cream Sauce

The authentic Czech dish is delicious. Very homely food – filling and warm and yummy. Our attempt was much less so which was really disappointing. It looks just like the real thing but unfortunately the recipe we chose to follow was just very vinegary. You can find the recipe here but I wouldn’t recommend that you try it. The sauce and the beef just tasted of the red wine vinegar. There didn’t seem to be any other flavours. On the plus side, the dumplings were lovely – a little bit stodgy but I think next time I just need to knead the dough a little bit longer.

Cream Sauce


I had changed the recipe ever so slightly, cooking it in my slow cooker instead of the oven, but I don’t think that this is the cause of the flavour issues. I will look for another recipe with less vinegar and more ‘other stuff’ and will try again. So for today all I can say is: attempt 1,  only just edible and not that great.

Signature #2

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