Some handmade gifts

Christmas has been and gone already! Where does the time go? Mr B and I had a lovely few days together celebrating and visiting family. We’re exhausted now!

We spent Christmas Eve together and had a perfect day doing all the things we love. We cooked our own Christmas dinner then drove round to see all the Christmas lights. We always visit one particular garden where there is a large display in aid of the local children’s hospital. When we got home we opened our special Christmas Eve parcel which had new jammies and slippers as well as  Christmas movie inside. We cuddled up on the sofa in our new PJ’s and watched Arthur Christmas. Bliss!

On Christmas Day we visited Mr B’s parents and sister. We had another enormous meal, swapped gifts and then played board games all afternoon. Mr B of course watched Dr Who in the evening!

Boxing Day saw us eating yet again with dinner at my mum’s with my sisters. My mum had the most enormous turkey I have ever seen (23lbs!!) and we did our best to tackle the giant bird – alas, there was lbs and lbs for us all to take home with us for turkey sandwiches! We had another lovely day playing board games, swapping gifts and watching TV.

After all the busy-ness its nice to have a few quiet days to potter around the house and just chill out. I’ve mainly been making cards and catching up with Greys Anatomy – it’s been lovely!

Today I wanted to share two gift projects that had to remain top secret until after they had been delivered to their respective recipients. I think both receivers were pleased with their presents so I will let you in on the secret…

Handmade Christmas Gifts

For my mum I made a set of gift vouchers. She really wants to work on her house this year so Mr B and I decided to give her a gift card from a DIY store. This seemed quite boring however, so I spruced the gift up with a few bits and pieces of DIY materials (paintbrushes, wallpaper paste etc.) and the vouchers you can see in the top picture. I had great fun putting these together and even got to use the perforation cutting wheel on my new guillotine to make the vouchers ‘tear out’! (OK, so I’m a little bit geeky getting so excited about that!!)  Each voucher is for one hour of our time to help my mum decorate her house. We wanted to make the gift special and to let her know that we want to lend a hand so I hope we managed to achieve this. These vouchers could be made for any occasion and for anything you like. They looked really cute and could be made more masculine for male recipients.

The second gift is a sweetie gift hamper. This was for my father-in-law. It can be really difficult to decide what to get him that isn’t the usual socks, DVD’s or books. He has a real sweet tooth so Mr B suggested sweets as a gift. Initially we thought about a ‘sweetie subscription’ where a company would send a packet of sweets every month for a whole year, but it was quite expensive and really didn’t give you many sweets so then we hot upon the idea of the hamper. I bought some traditional sweetie bags and printed labels to stick on to seal the bags. These were bright and colourful and really made the hamper look cute. I wanted it to have an old-fashioned sweet-shop feel about it so I popped a scoop and some tongs inside a large mug and also put in some bottles of ginger ale. Mr B’s dad likes 60’s music so the compilation album was perfect and he’s a sucker for action movies so we popped in a couple of those too. I finished the hamper off with a couple of ramekin dishes filled with sweets and wrapped in cellophane, then sprinkled chocolate coins and wrapped toffees all around the hamper. I love the way it turned out – I just hope Mr B’s dad liked it too!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a happy new year when it comes! Thank you for another year following my blog – I am, as always, overwhelmed by the likes and lovely comments you all leave me and I am looking forward to another crafty and creative year!

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