A bespoke card project!

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a great start to 2014 – I certainly have!

Today I am sharing something very special – my first ever commissioned card project! As some of you may know I am beginning to take orders for handmade cards and gifts and a friend of ours jumped in and asked me to make some very special cards with her. Back in October I told you there were ‘More Wedding Bells’ and shared the story of Mr B’s friend who proposed to his girlfriend and got engaged in New York – all very romantic – and I showed you the card I had made for the happy couple.  Mrs-Braun-To-Be wanted to have something special to give her flower girls when she asked them to take up the role and she came to me to design a personalised card for each of them. We met up and chatted about what she had in mind and this is what we came up with:

Flower Girl Cards

I was delighted with how the cards turned out. Mrs-Braun-To-Be chose the colours and I set about bringing the design to life. I found a pattern for the dress online but then adapted it to sit the way I wanted it. It was more or less a simple concertina for the skirt part but it required some tweaking to make sure it sat right on the card. I used my die cutting machine to make the tags and hand wrote the girls names. The whole thing was finished with some ribbon on the dress and a bow on the tag.

Flower Girl Cards 2

I am really pleased with how these cards turned out. I was really nervous because I had never followed a brief before, but the process was fun and I was so excited to finally send the cards to Mrs-Braun-To-Be. I felt like I has accomplished something big! It was lovely to receive a message saying the cards had arrived.

Since I completed this project I have started receiving orders for bespoke cards and have completed three more orders so far. It doesn’t sound like much, but I didn’t think that anyone would be interested in buying my cards so to find that 4 people have liked them enough to place orders is just amazing! Thank you to everyone who has supported my in this venture so far. I have a Facebook Page dedicated to my endeavours – Jilly Beans – so please feel free to pop across and like my page.

If you would like to chat about ordering something bespoke and handmade then please drop me an email – jilly_beans@outlook.com –  or get in touch through a message on Facebook – here.

Signature #2

5 thoughts on “A bespoke card project!

  1. Gorgeous cards! You’re a very talented lady 🙂 I would like you to make a card for Martin for our wedding anniversary on the 10th of February if you have time but I need to find out which anniversary it is – 18 years?

  2. I’ve found out that it’s coloured gems or porcelain & a few other things as well including feathers! I would be interested in your ideas for making a manly card out of that lot lol! Maybe colours could include the ones from the gems from both our birth months i.e. July & September?!

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