Handmade handbag cards and setting up my own business…

I have been trying to get a small card-making ‘cottage-industry’ set up for a while now. The idea first came to me when I designed my own wedding invitations, but it has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to do anything other than dream about it. Since I am still working full time and am studying part time I have a limited amount of time and can only manage a to have a small operation working out of my spare room in evenings and at weekend, however since I set up my own Facebook Group (you can find it here) I have started receiving orders for custom and bespoke cards. It’s so exciting! My ultimate aim is to be able to do this on a  more full-time basis but for now I am happy to muddle along making cards here and there for anyone who asks!

My favourite design so far is this handbag card. They are available to order for only £4.50 each and can be personalised with a name, an age or a message.

Handbag Cards

I had great fun designing the card and so far have had orders for 5 of them! Although I have only made pink and turquoise ones, they could be made in any colour – I am keen to try a caramel coloured one and I think that red might look quite nice too.

These cards also have the dog tag but the tag could really be any shape too depending on what the person likes or what the occasion is. Perhaps a red one with a love heart tag would make a good valentine’s card.

I am appealing to my friends and followers here to pop across and have a peek at my Facebook page. Please like and share with your friends to help me become established and to build my customer base. If you have something specific in mind for a special occasion then please get in touch because I would love to design something unique just for you!

Handbag Cards 2

Sorry it’s been a bit of an advert today, but I was hoping my lovely readers might be able to help! Normal service will be resumed next week!

Signature #2

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