Love is in the air…part 2!

Last week I told you about the basket that Mrs T and I made for our lovely hubbies for Valentine’s Day. Today I want to show you the things I made for Mr B himself…

Papercut Card

First of all I tried my hand at paper-cutting and made this cute card for him. (We say ‘pivo’ to mean ‘infinity’ so the sentiment is ‘I love you infinity’ but in our own little language.) It was much easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part was drawing the design to make sure that everything was attached and that nothing would fall off when I cut it. I also cut it from the front but should have cut it from the back to get smoother, neater edges…I will need to learn to write and draw backwards! On the inside I made an origami heart and popped it in the red panel. It was a cute little surprise for Mr B when he opened the card.

Papercut Card 2

The second part of his Valentine’s gift was a set of ‘Dinky Date’ cards. There are 12 cards inside the box, one for each month of the year, and they are fun but inexpensive. The ones that required money had a £5 note attached – there weren’t any dates that would cost any more than that. I was thinking that we probably don’t do enough together as a couple (mainly my fault since I have taken so much on and I am so busy all the time) so I thought that this would be a good way of making some time for us. Mr B seems delighted with the idea and has already treated me to one of the date…a bottle of wine and a board game!

Dinky Dates

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Signature #2

P.S. I have joined the Blitsy Linky Party!! Why not have a look and see what other great projects have been shared??

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