Pin-board Project

It was my sister’s birthday recently and she wanted a fabric pin-board. The kind with ribbon and buttons and really pretty fabric covering the whole thing. I saw a gorgeous one in a shop, but the wrong colour for my sister (how annoying I thought!) and then I realised that I could actually make the same thing myself. It takes a bit of time and patience to get it right but I am delighted with how my pin-board turned out – I just hope my sister is too!

I purchased a very basic pin-board and a remnant of some lovely purple coloured fabric then set about removing the wooden frame around the edges of the pin-board so that I was left with just the cork board.

Pinboard 1

Pinboard 2

Before I could cover it with the purple fabric I needed to pad the board a little. This would help the ribbon to ‘pinch’ at the edges of the board and at the cross-overs. It also helps to make it feel a little bit more substantial. I used some old pink fleece  fabric and a staple gun to do this.

Pinboard 3

At this stage the board still looks untidy and its not very neat, but that’s OK. The next step is to cover the whole thing with the purple fabric using a staple gun.

Pinboard 4

The back is starting to look a bit neater, but its still OK to be messy. The back gets covered neatly at the end. The ribbon comes next and is pulled tight and secured at the back using staples.

Pinboard 5

I like the board to look plush and padded so I use pins to push down and make the ribbon ‘pinch’ at the cross-over points. The buttons are glued on top of the pins to make the board look studded. Then finally I used some white fleece cut neatly to cover the back of the board. I again used the staple gun to do this. This part needs to be as precise and tidy as you can manage because you will see it.

Pinboard 6

I decided to decorate the board with a beautiful Harris Tweed brooch I purchased from this lovely and talented lady – Handmade By Lorna. It is the perfect adornment and can be detached if my sister wants to use it for it’s intended purpose. Personally I love how it looks on the board. I also made some pins using buttons and popped them on to give her some funky pins.

Pinboard 9

So there you have it! A handmade fabric pin-board. These can be made in any colour and can be made any size. The perfect gift for someone who is already super-organised who or aspires to be better at it! I just hope my sister liked it!

Signature #2

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