Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mothering Sunday and I wanted to quickly share my Mother’s Day creations with you before I take my lovely mum out for some afternoon tea. Last year I made some cute tote shopping bags for our mums (Mr B’s and mine – check them out here) but this year I have had much less time (Grr!) because of my uni assignment (4000 words – due tomorrow!! Eek!!) and all of the work I have from school, so I was looking for something quick and easy to put together, but something that was also thoughtful and lovely. I also wanted to make each of our mums a handmade card because I love how much more personal it is than a shop bought one (not that there aren’t some super cute shop cards out there!)

First for the Pamper Kits…

Mother's Day Pamper Kits

I found these cute plastic baking bowls with the words ‘Happiness is Homemade’ and ‘Homemade for all the Family’ written round the outside. They were perfect as a basket to hold the pampering items but then can also be used afterwards. I filled the baskets with a variety of things for our mums to spoil themselves, each basket is slightly different but they contain pretty much the same items:

  • Patterned mug
  • Cappuccino sachets
  • Mini bottle of wine
  • Bar of chocolate
  • Small candle
  • Hand warmer
  • Sponge
  • Flannel
  • Various toiletries (shower gel, moisturiser, hand cream etc.)
  • Lip balm
  • Mini Mother’s Day cakes
  • Cute heart shaped chocolates

I attached some ribbon and a bow to the outside of each bowl and they looked lovely! I just hope our mums like them as much as I do! Now for their cards…

Mother's Day Card 2

This card was for my mum. I really like the unusual colours. My mum is not really a pastel kind of lady so the usual cards, although nice, just aren’t perfect for her. The flower patterned paper is actually special because Mr B chose it as part of a craft ‘goodie bag’ he gave me for my Christmas so I thought it was perfect.

Mother's Day Card 1

This card is for Mr B’s mum. She is definitely a pastel colours lady – lilac is her favourite so hence the idea for the card. I LOVE my Martha Stewart lace-edge punch and have really started using it in a lot of cards. I think its cute with the butterflies and the layers flower. I used some pearl embellishments to finish off the flower and the butterflies and I think they make it very feminine.

Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to see Mr B’s mum to deliver her gift this year – Mr B had to visit on his own – so I couldn’t see her reaction to her card and gift but I will see my own mum this afternoon so hopefully she is happy with hers!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Hope you are doing something lovely with your mums if you are seeing them and I hope you are thinking about them if you are not.

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