Jar of Hearts

I found these cute little jars one day when I was out shopping and immediately knew I wanted to do something nice with them. It took me a little while to decide what, but in the end I came up with this idea to make a unique and heartfelt gift for someone special.

10 Things


Inside the jar are 10 small hearts and the idea is that you write one thing you love about the person you are giving the gift to on each of the hearts. You pop the hearts back inside and tie the ribbon back up, making a very special and unique gift. I guess it would be good for valentine’s day, but it would also be something cute to give at any time just as a little reminder of how much you love someone. Depending on what you write on the hearts it could easily be a gift for a mum or a dad as well as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

10 Things 2

The colours are completely changeable and any kind of fabric could be used, depending on who your intended recipient is. I am planning to make these available to order so you can pop over to my Facebook Page and get in touch if you are interested. Why not surprise someone with one just totally out of the blue?

Signature #2

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