Well…who doesn’t like Despicable Me?? Its one of the most fantastic kids films there is. I particularly love Agnes, the unicorn-loving little girl because like her I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for unicorns…THEY’RE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!! My nursery children also love to pretend to be Minions and this is where the inspiration came from for today’s card…

Minion Birthday Card

I started out with this design thinking it would be great for kids birthdays, but I quickly realised that really anyone who loves these little guys would love a Minion card so I think they are pretty multi-functional. They would actually make a great cheer-up card for someone a bit under the weather and I think with the addition of the phrase ‘you’re one in a minion!’ they would be great for valentine’s day too!

Despite it’s cute-ness and how much I love it, this card has almost given me nightmares because although it looks so simple, I couldn’t quite get my brain in gear to figure out the correct measurements to make the eye ‘flip’! I couldn’t believe it took me 4 attempts to fold and cut the card…I really must have been half asleep!! The design has a fold in the middle which allows the eye to flip over when you open the card, revealing a hidden message for the recipient.

Minion Card

Minion Flip Card

Unfortunately the photos don’t do this card the justice it deserves – the finished product was definitely better in the flesh – however it still looks pretty cute. It was definitely worth all the mis-measuring and mistakes because I love the way it has turned out.


Signature #2


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