Something special…

Before I share this week’s creative endeavours with you I want to tell you about the awesome early birthday present I have bought myself! I am so excited about this and I don’t know if I can actually wait until the postman delivers it! I have ordered a brand new die cutting machine which promises to be totally amazing…I just hope its not a let down since I have not had much luck with die cutting machines in the past! I intend to show off my machine when it arrives, so watch this space!

OK, I know that no one is actually as crazy as me so die cutting machines are of no interest to all you lovely people but I just had to share…now for the creative part of my post…

Ruby Anniversary Card

A family friend of Mr B’s commissioned this pretty card for her parents who celebrated an amazing 40 years of marriage the other week. I really liked making this card because the colours are so vibrant and the thought of being married to someone for 40 years is just so lovely that I was all smiley and happy when I was putting it together. I like the vintage lacey-type paper and I have been just itching to use the paper roses since I found them in the craft shop. You can never go wrong with a bit of glitter and the gold glitter card is so classy and elegant with the ruby red dotty embossed card. Personalising the card made it really special – I just hope the recipients liked it!

Ruby Anniversary Card 2

Ruby Anniversary Card 3

Personal and unique commissions like this are my favourite ones to make. Its so nice when the design comes together and something beautiful comes out of a few bits of card and some sparkles. My order book is open for bespoke and custom card orders so if you have a special occasion or person in mind then please pop across to my Facebook page and get in touch! (Coincidentally if you do head over to Facebook and you like my page you will be entered into a draw to win one of two hand painted mugs like these here!!)


OK, shameless-plug over! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Signature #2

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