The Frozen Phenomenon!

Mr B and I must be the only two people on the planet that haven’t watched the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ yet! Everywhere I turn there are kids dressed up as characters and my nursery children never stop singing ‘Let It Go’. Never fear however, Mr B and I now have the DVD in our procession and we are trying to find a free moment to watch it to find out what all the fuss is about. We love a good Disney movie so I hope we are not disappointed!!

Given that I have not seen the subject matter of today’s crafty post first hand I just hope that I have managed to do it justice. A lovely work colleague commissioned me to create a ‘Frozen’ inspired birthday card for her daughter and here’s what I came up with…

Frozen Card

I tried to keep the design simple but sparkly – and I think this paid off quite nicely. I love the shimmery blue paper, even though the photo doesn’t do it justice, and the translucent, glitter-dot background paper is just so cute! It was perfect for a snowy type of background. This photo doesn’t show the diamantes on the dress – I can’t believe I forgot to add them! Don’t panic though – I remembered to add them before I delivered the card! Phew!!

Just before I go I thought I would mention that this is my 90th blog post! I can’t believe I have been blogging for so long! It feels like yesterday that I took the plunge and got started! I’m super excited to be on the countdown to blog post number 100…I hope you are excited too!

Signature #2





3 thoughts on “The Frozen Phenomenon!

    • Haha! Just got round to reading your comment – you are a mummy! You HAVE to watch it! Lol! I have to say (and don’t tell anyone, hehe!) I was sorely disappointed – the movie did not live up to the hype in my opinion.

  1. Love, Love, Love the card. I have seen the movie and love it. But I have also made some digital cards that have been hot on my Esty site so far. Congratulations on 90 blog posts!!!! Keep them coming. Love you ideas!!

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