Ticket to ride…

For Father’s Day Mr B came up with the brilliant idea of booking a steam train ride for his dad. Last year we organised a ‘driver for a day’ experience where Mr B’s dad was able to ride in the cab of a steam train. The day was a great success and we had a lovely day. The downside was that the track was only a couple of miles long and so the journey was short. This year we have discovered another local steam train and track where they organise a ‘fish and chips special’ which involves a 25 minute ride on the steam train with a portion of fish and chips to eat on the way, a short stop then the 25 minute return journey, complete with dessert.

When we booked the tickets we received the standard event booking confirmation, but nothing very ‘gifty’ to hand over on Father’s Day so I set about making something to compensate…

Fathers Day Ticket

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit on Father’s day – Mr B went on his own – but I am assured that the gift was well received and that Mr B, his dad and his mum are all looking forward to a day out on a steam train! I am certainly excited! Roll on August!

Fathers Day Ticket 2Fathers Day Ticket 3

I was able to use my new Cricut Explore to cut the train track frame. The machine is absolutely amazing and is much, much easier to use than the Imagine machine I had previously. As always, I designed the text layout myself and mocked it up to look like an old fashioned train ticket. The vintage look is so popular just now and it just really fitted with the theme of this gift.

This design would make a great invitation to parties or other events too, especially for anyone who is a train fan. For kids, Thomas the Tank Engine could easily be added, or another type of train could be used to further embellish the design.

Signature #2






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