Pop Art Pinboard

A little while ago I received a commission from my lovely friend who was looking for a funky pin board for her new house. I knew my friend loves bright vibrant colours, especially red and black and she also loves comic characters so I set out to find the perfect fabric – and I think I did! This pop-art style was exactly what I wanted. The colours were perfect and I knew she would love the style so I set about making it.

Pop Art Pinboard 1


My friend also had some dove shaped pegs left over from her wedding and wanted to use them on her pin board. I clipped some onto the ribbon but I attached pins to the rest so that they could be used anywhere on the board. I really liked the peg idea – very practical for clipping on notes and other bits and pieces. They added a really cute element to the board.

Pop Art Pinboard 3

Pop Art Pinboard 2


I chose red ribbon and black buttons because these are my friend’s favourite colours and they really go with the fabric. The pin board now sits pride of place in my friend’s kitchen and it looks fantastic. She has commissioned lots of cards and bits and pieces since I started out with my handmade card and gift business and she has been a brilliant support – I just want to let her know that I appreciate all the ways that her and her lovely hubby have helped me out!

Signature #2




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