My Guestbook!

I would love to hear what you have to say about my blog. This is still a very new venture for me and I’m definitely learning as I go. If you have a minute to let me know what you think and share any ideas you have that might help me to improve then please do. Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome and will really help me to figure out what I’m doing! If you just want to stop and say hi, that is allowed too!


2 thoughts on “My Guestbook!

  1. I’m new to this too so I’m not sure I have much useful advice! I like reading about people’s unique experiences – what they like, what they’ve discovered and what they’re interested in (so nosy I guess).
    I love your blog theme, very sweet and appealing, and I love the guestbook idea! Is it only on this theme or is it a ‘universal widget’ (hope that makes sense!)?
    Anyway, good luck with the blog, and I hope we can keep each other company on our blogging adventures 🙂

    • Hi Jill, thanks for taking the time to stop and let me know a bit about you. It’s nice to know there are other new bloggers out there who are keen to help each other out. I really enjoy finding out how other people are creative in their homes and classrooms. I’ve learned so much from others’ blogs. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to on your blogging adventures!

      As for the guest book, I think it is just a page I added. I’m really not great at the technical side of blogging so you might want to ask someone more knowledgeable!

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